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Be Visible, Build Recognition and Stand-out From the Crowd.

Our BRANDING solutions help you to focus on the most potential customer segments, to define a message to grasp their interests, to communicate at customer's prefer channel and to measure your branding investment

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Here are some stuff we do to help our clients develop and implement branding and marketing strategy. 

Branding Solution Details



Without market analysis to back your strategy, your brand could be throwing money away. This is because a brand is a long-term vision. Branding is a marathon, not a sprint, businesses have to understand market trend and how it would impact their market in order to design their branding strategy.


We offer a comprehensive market analysis to help you identify upcoming trends and assess its impact on how it would mean to your businesses in short-run and long-run. Market analysis includes macro and micro factors analysis, social and technological trends, customers and competitor intelligences.


The first treatment for a revitalizing brand is to diagnosing if your brand is treading dangerously close to the unhealthy range. We do quantitative research to find out your brand positioning, brand association, brand loyalty and brand equity.


Findings from a brand health study give us a fresh perspective on how engaging your brand is. We could benchmark your performance to competitors and assess your strengths and weaknesses. Then, we can strategically identify brand dimension we should keep or fix to stay relevant to customers.



Brands stay relevant by being relentlessly focusing on customer needs and listening to and anticipating what they want.  We run a focus group and in-depth interviews to deep dive into the customer experience and uncover insights to identify opportunities to strengthen your brands. 


At Canvassco, we develop research questions and methodology to structurally find out why a customer buys, their expectations, pain points and barriers to choosing your brand. We creatively conduct interview to put customers at ease to express their thoughts and emotions that are useful for the analysis. 


Creating a brand concept is like cooking. We need fresh ingredients such as market analysis, brand health study and deep dive into customer experience as well as skills and creativity to bake and bend your strengths to fit with customer's taste. 


We work as if we are part of your team to create brand concepts. We organise a workshop to help you digest 100+ pages of a report, to introduce frameworks to guide you through a creative process, to create a dynamic in your team to build meaningful brand concepts.


Creating logo and marketing materials that reflect your brand identity does not only take creativity but also a deep understanding of what your brand stand for. We understand your brand stand for as we have been helping you to build one. 


We take our creative designer as part of the journey throughout the brand creation process, from market analysis, to brand creation workshop. That's how we ensure that our designer works well with you and could produce work that meeting your needs.


Hooray! at this stage, you have concepts of your new brand and often, you have many concepts. So next step is to conduct quantitative research to find out concepts that would make a hit on customer's mind and create value to your business. 


To testing brand concept is not just launching a research to let customers choose a brand they like most. We usually recommend our clients to also include a view from other stakeholders including their own employees, suppliers, and etc. This is because brand value is built by everyone and not just by creating a new Ads or blashing budget on media

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