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We help an intrapreneur like you to study a new market, deep dive into customer's mind, build minimum viable product (MVP) concept, launch pilot test and measure customer's feedback.
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Our BUSINESSDEV programme is designed to help an intrapreneur like you to study a new market, deep dive into customer's mind, build minimum viable product (MVP) concept, launch pilot test and measure customer's feedback. We work with you throughout a journey to build a new business, to sign-up your first customer, create and refine your go-to-market strategy and accelerate your growth.


BUSINESSDEV programme consists of the following solutions:


New business needs a focus. We do market intellifence by gathering data from customers, competitors, suppliers, distributors or industry associations to identify opportunity that fit with our client's strengths, to identify early adopters, and to prioritise geographical locations that are suitable for launching new products. 


We identify opportunity by looking at market size, market growth, PESTLE analysis, product and customer segmentation, pricing analysis, market share and customer intelligence.


We dive into customer journey to create buyer personas. We conduct an in-depth interview to understand why customers buy and their experience buying, using and disposing products. Deliverable at this stage is a list of factors on their pain points, expectations and obstacles to meet customer needs.


Then, we shall conduct a quantitative survey to quantify the needs and measuring satisfaction level of each factor. The score derives from the survey will be calculated using opportunity gaps model to prioritise factors that customer needs but have yet been provided.


We do write a sales and marketing plan for our clients. From defining market positioning, pricing strategy, to create an action plan, timeline and measuring marketing impacts and marketing ROI. We help our clients for both online and offline sales and marketing strategy. 


We draught sales and marketing plan for your consideration. We work closely with your team to finalise the plan and conduct workshop for your sales and marketing staff to explain a process, expectations, roles and responsibilities and how we measure KPI.


Creating logo and marketing materials that reflect your brand identity does not only take creativity but also a deep understanding of what your brand stand for. We understand your brand stand for as we have been helping you to build one. 


We take our creative designer as part of the journey throughout the brand creation process, from market analysis, to brand creation workshop. That's how we ensure that our designer works well with you and could produce work that meeting your needs.


We help our clients finding the first customer and building a pipeline for new business. We use a structured sales approach to identify early adopters, and short-list potential customers who have similar characteristics and needs. 


We also conduct training for sales and marketing staff on a process to develop customer pipeline, how to collect customer information, to outline pre-sales process and sales process and design customer experience.


A pilot test is a programme to launch your products with a small group of customers to test how would your customers react to a new business concept or new products and services. We help you design a programme, launch a test and collect customer feedbacks. 


We recommend our client to do pilot test for new products and services as part of a concept development process. This is how we gather a real experience of customer feedbacks to feed back into your new product development process.

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