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Building content marketing strategy through digital media platform gives you an edge to breakthrough marketing noise. ​
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Content marketing works for building a solid marketing pipeline, from raising brand awareness through success in lead nurturing because it focuses on what your audiences need to know instead of what you want to tell them. We think content marketing strategy first before jumping into sharing a message on social media or creating an online marketing campaign. 


Our DIGITALMEDIA programme consists of the following solutions:


The first step is to do a comprehensive review of marketing and sales material, website, content, SEO and social media activities. We, then, classify marketing content into categories such as usefulness, relevance, clarity, brand consistency to match with customer journey. 


After a review, we identify content gaps and create a content marketing strategy and editorial calendar to meet with sales and marketing objectives.


Social media calendar or editorial calendar helps our team to effectively manage work process, timeline and ensure that an effort on social marketing are properly measured and correlate with sales and marketing objectives. 


We plan social media marketing activities on a daily basis. We create an editorial calendar to map post content and generate a project management plan and timeline to include social media posts production process such as content writing,  graphic creation, and others online marketing process.


A social media campaign is not only generating demand and engaging customers but it is also a strategy to recruit online audiences. Brands can be creative to create a campaign and the key is to be relevant to customers. 


We help generate social media campaign by structurally assessing customers gaps and brand associations. Then creatively, create a campaign for your selection with a clear guideline on how it would benefit a brand as well as KPT to measure marketing ROI. 


We work as your supporting team to gather input for content development from an internal & external organization and then develop a story to include a core message and targetted keywords. We develop blogs, articles, white paper, infographic, SlideShare and presentation.


We use an internal source of information to create or re-energize existing content into a visually attractive format (infographic, video, etc). We also create content via 3rd parties such as a distributor, customers, partners by using survey/ a roundtable discussion.


We strongly recommend creating a visual graphic together with the content on social media post to increase audience engagement. Visual graphic digests content into a simple and easy format that leads to greater understanding of the information.


We have a dedicated social media manager and a team supports including graphic designer, business analysts, project coordinator and business consultant to creatively design graphic and create content that is easy to understand and fit with post content.




Tracking social media performance is vital. It is a reminder on your mission why you are doing social media marketing. There is several KPIs to measure a performance of social media marketing such as engagement volume, engagement per posts, growth in social audience, website traffic, sales leads, etc.


The most important element is to understand what social metric means and knowoing which metrics are meaningful for your decision. We do help our clients to understand metrics that are matter to their business and recommend on software that would fit with their interests.





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