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Ira Sustrini

Account Director

Until she was in her second year in high school, Ira was dreaming to be a paediatrician when she realised that she could not see large amounts of blood


She then changed her focus to be an engineer and managed to get a bachelor’s degree from Trisakti University, Jakarta in 1996. After working for a year in a steel company, she decided to take a master’s degree and enrolled to the University of New South Wales in Sydney-Australia. In 1999, she obtained her master’s degree in Technology Management.


Ira started her career as an industrial researcher at the CastleAsia. She spent about 3 years there before moving to other research and consulting companies in Jakarta (Frost & Sullivan, Ipsos Business Consulting). She fell in love with being an industrial researcher, knowing that it is not only a very challenging job but will also get to help clients create new strategies, which challenges the status quo. That was the reason of her to stay in the industry.


Having more 10 years of experience in both local and multinational research and consulting companies, Ira understands the pain points that businesses face when doing business in Indonesia. Indonesia has a vast opportunity for growth but it's not a piece-of-cake to manage businesses locally. Please feel free to contact Ira if you need help on market growth strategies for the Indonesian market.

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