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 Build B2B List of Targeted Prospects.
 Customised Contact Information For Your Sales and Marketing Database 

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No Customer Database

Outdated Contact Information

Your Contact Person is Admin/Contact/

Struggling to Fine New

Business Leads


Canvassco LeadGen Solution offers you with customised contact information for your sales and marketing database in Thailand

This is a database that... set the criteria of qualified customers get key contact persons who are decision makers or influencers

...all contact details e.g. email and telephone are validated get answers to 3 questions that are relevant to your business get to know your customers' social media profile


Set Criteria for Your Targeted Prospects

Let us know who your target customers are based on industry, company size, number of employees, position and/or job description, or any other criteria that would fit with your products and services. Ideally, you can give us some examples of your customers so that we can expand your list to cover other prospects with similar qualifications. 

Customise Your Database

Give us three questions that you would like to know from your prospects. We will add these issues to our short telephone conversation. Answers to your questions will be provided on top of the standard database template.

Conduct Telephone Interview

We build your customised database through telephone interviews. With our in-house B2B database based on our research projects, we shall shortlist companies that meet with your qualified criteria. Our team will contact prospects as part of our research project.

Send Email to Verify Contact Information

After we have the email database from targeted prospects, we shall send an email to verify their email address and contact information. We will also ask for their permission to disclose their contact information to 3rd party suppliers who might contact them for solution presentations.

Build Your Customised Database

Based on the telephone interview and email interaction with prospects, we shall build an Excel database that is customised for your business based on your requirements. The databased will include company name, industry, revenue, address, contact person, position, telephone number, email address, website and also a profile of the company's social media (if available).

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