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Working on a marketing strategy without knowing your positioning and market trends is like buying a lottery. High investment. High risk. And returns are based on luck. 
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Our MARKETVIEW solutions aim to help you understand your market potential, positioning, competitive environment, distribution practice and most importantly understand 'customer' needs and demand gaps. MARKETVIEW enable you to target the most potential customer segment with the highest yield by considering opportunities, risks and required investment into our analysis. 


MARKETVIEW programme consists of the following solutions:


There is no rule of thumb to estimate market size and growth. Each project needs a customised calculation model depending on availability of data, budget and time. The most important component of a model is to identify factors that are correlating with customers demand. 


We can estimate market size by using small or large set of samples. Market size and growth figures determine risks and opportunities of a business. They are often used to set investment level, sales target and to make go and no=go investment decision. 




Identifying distribution structure helps businesses understand how they could scale their sales through expanding their distribution network. We often use market intelligence technique via a face-to-face in-depth interview with industry stakeholders to estimate volume and value of goods flow through a different channel. 


Once major distribution channel is defined, we also construct a profile of key distributors and analyse their strengths and weaknesses and evaluate whether they are strategically fit to our client's business. 


Our solutions for customer analysis range from data analytic, quantitative survey, in-depth interviews, focus group and observation. We use data to develop customer segmentation, buyer persona, to understand purchasing pattern and customer expectation, measure satisfaction level, loyalty and, discover unmet needs.


Findings are used to develop a new product concept, discover new opportunities base on unmet needs, and to create marketing campaigns.


Benchmarking your performance against key competitors is a wake-up call for businesses to determine market positioning and understand a lesson to learn from competitors. We research your competitors by collecting desk research data, marketing materials, in-depth interviews or conducting mystery shopping. 


We don't copy-cat your competitor's strategy and make it as one you should follow. Learning from competitors is a great case study. Your business could then, assess whether you have sufficient resource to perform better or to develop a new market where competition is no longer relevant. 


We analyse data to help you answer this million dollar question, "how much should we invest in a new market?" We estimate market size, project future growth rate, and match your strengths to customer unmet needs. We do this to determine an optimal investment to ultimately add value to your business and minimise a risk of burning investor's fund and your bonus. 


Market opportunity analysis is not only used to define a level of investment but an estimated figures are also used to estimate addressable market or set an annual sale target. 


We create strategic options and define resources you need to take your business to a next level. We take market trends, customer needs, competitive environment and market opportunity as a base to spell out next step for you to create value and build competitiveness.


To recommend strategic options, we put ourselves as part of your team! or in order words, we work together to create strategic options. We don't do guesswork at this stage. We organise a workshop to guide your team using fact-based data, case studies and frameworks to stimuli creativity and discussion.

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