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Encouraging Business Interactions.

A business relationship is always a part of an equation for B2B growth in South East Asia. We organise business matchmaking event to introduce our clients to qualified distributors. We also search, assess and facilitate meetings between our clients and their potential local distributors. 

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Finding a new business partner in South East Asia never be an easy task. Choosing the right partner to grow your business is a critical first step to defining your success.​

Matchmaker Details



We build potential partner database based on search criteria set by a client. We gather data mainly from government sources such as registered companies from the Ministry of Commerce database or an importer list from Customs Department. We also conduct desk research to shortlist companies that meet search criteria. 


With an exhaustive list of potential partner database, you can be assured that we include all potential partners who are qualified to proceed for the next step of partner search assessment.  In addition, you also get a helicopter view of a type of companies available for business partnership. 


One of the main criteria to shortlist potential partner is to find companies who are interesting in new business expansion. We contact high-level executives and present our clients' profile and get an initial feedback if those potential partners would like to further explore partnership opportunity. 


To effectively manage this shortlisting process, it's vital that we fully understand our client's business objective, products and services as well as their future plan for market expansion. We professionally represent our clients and carefully manage expectation of potential partners.


We conduct in-depth interviews with shortlisted potential partners to gather detail information for the assessment such as their company size, salesforce capability, technical capability, distribution network, competitiveness, financial strength, logistics and warehouse facility, aftermarket capability and etc. 


Information gather from potential partners will be analysed and scored to test its strategic fits with our client. We have developed our assessment criteria, weighting system and calculation methodology that can be customised to help you identify potential partners that are strategically fit with your organisation.


We do business matchmaking event. This solution works well with an industry association that would like to help their business members to expand business to South East Asia. We take your requirement of a type of partnering companies you are looking for, we organise an event and manage all invitation process to ensure that each of business member meets with potential partners for partnership opportunity discussion. 


One main benefit that business matchmaking event offers is an opportunity for participants to meet several potential partner in a day and also to network with other companies who are in a similar industries within their interests. 


We organise a business tour for you to have a comprehensive direct experience with a market in South East Asia. A business tour will be customised based on your interests; for example, to visit key retailers, a pharmaceutical warehouse, hospitals, factory or a government agency. 


A business tour usually takes a one-full-day. We take your requirement and search for locations that would best fit with your interest. Along the way, we also give you a brief information about market condition, regulation and answer any question you have for business development in a local market. 


We also work as a project coordinator and help your company to meet with potential partners. We do schedule meeting, introduce you to local companies and facilitate meeting discussion. Prior to a meeting, we also conduct a presentation session with our clients about shortlisted potential partners’ background and their strengths and weaknesses. 



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