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Struggling to get new customers? Hunting for an elephant? Okay you need a plan and a good marketing automation program to generate demand and nurturing customer relationship 
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Traditionally, if a business wants to grow sales, they hire a new crew to cold call customers and hope their sales team will visit customers often enough to hit a jackpot of a new sales lead. If you have been doing this and it doesn't work in the past, perhaps now it's time to try a new stuff. Our LEADSGEN programme starts with analysing where you are and developing tools, process and skills of your sales team to where you should be.


LEADSGEN programme consists of the following solutions:


Give us your sample of customers and we will build your database with customers who have similar qualifications. We provide a comprehensive and custom B2B customer database for you to do sale and marketing through online and offline media channel.


Our B2B customer database consists of contact person, email, telephone number, and other key attributes that you can request for customisation. 




We do lead scoring to help our client shortlist qualified customers who are having demand for their products and services. We conduct telephone interviews with decision makers and influencers to understand a type of product and service specifications they are looking for. 


To workout on this process, we need our client's supports for product training. We work as an extension to our client team to accelerate their sales process. 



B2B demand generation marketing is the collection of strategies and tactics that are used to create qualified sales opportunities. We don't blast campaign to all customers but rather analyse customer and market data to match them with a marketing campaign.


We create demand generation campaign to help our clients accelerate sales. We help our client create demand for their products and services by analysing customer data and their purchasing pattern. We find out triggers to purchase, design marketing campaign, launch a campaign to targeted customers and measuring feedbacks. 


Lead nurturing is a programme we help our client to keep a relationship with their potential customers throughout the sales funnel. The first step is to segment customers into a different stage of buying process, then we design a marketing programme to keep a relationship with customers. 


A marketing programme for lead nurturing will be designed based on sales and marketing objectives that are fit with each customers segment. For example, reengagement campaign to target toward inactive leads by sending a helpful blog post or competitive campaign to educate customers to compare product features. 


We uncover the most potential accounts that have the best engagement and opportunity for growth. We design marketing campaigns to help you strengthen relationships with each of your key account, measure an impact and ROI of your Account Based Marketing (ABM) programme. 


ABM programmes start with building a profile of your qualified customer and identifying criteria to shortlist key accounts. We then schedule meeting with your qualified leads to further understand their needs and identify opportunities that we can help you develop marketing campaigns. 

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