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Pornprapun Sriyotha 

Account Director

Pornprapun was an ex-intrapreneur with more than 9 years work experience helping businesses to understand South East Asia markets.  She managed over 50 research and consulting projects. She leads the team to execute local and multi-countries engagements in Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and her home market, Thailand.


Pornprapun's seen lots of research and marketing reports that are long, boring and not-action-oriented. So she decided to save her soul and do things how they should be done. In 2013, she converted from "intrapreneur" to "enterpreneur" and started Canvassco, the B2B marketing agency that does not focus on reporting but also assist clients to get their works done.


Many clients think their industries are boring and forced to market their stuff using traditional marketing. Pornprapun strongly believes that there are plently of "fun" and "interesting" ways to market B2B products. Canvassco has founded to help clients explore new idea, test hypotheses, asses market environment and plan for business development using new proven techniques and a bit of enterpreneur spirit.


Her day-to-day work is to identify potential clients' needs and develop proposal to help clients grow their business also to ensure the team understand the needs and objectives of the engagement which address the challenge of clients.  

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