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Marketing Solutions

Canvassco is the combination of



We believe marketing works best when it's based on a clearly articulated strategy. And when it's executed by the team who understand why and how to implement a strategy in action.


We work as part of our client team. We are not only getting work done but also assisting our client's team to enhance capabilities needed to reach their target. Our capabilities aim to help clients to achieve two things, one is to reduce costs and another is to increase profits.  

Our service coverage ranges from defining sales and marketing strategies to lead generation and launching marketing campaign online and offline programme whether its inbound or outbound marketing.


And to realize our services at a bottom line, we do work with our clients on a long-term basis or through a continuous programme rather than a series of ad hoc project. 


Our service coverage ranges from defining sales and marketing strategies to lead generation.
The 8 core services frequently requested by our clients are highlighted below;

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We also do customised projects based on what needs to be done to solve our client’s issues. Drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to talk to you. 


Our Clients

Thanks to our incredible clients who have been continuing to support us. We don't work with bully and we honestly could tell you that our clients are pretty cool. They make business decisions based on data-driven strategy. The majority of our clients are Regional Head Quarter (RHQ) or global companies who are looking to expand their business in South East Asia. We do all small or large-scale project to build relationships with our clients who are eager to do great things. Below are some of the key clients we work with:

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