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Market Analysis For Fast Food Chain Market in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam

CLMV or Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar and Vietnam are the last frontier market for Asia where economic growth has been growing rapidly during the past years. We have seen several changes in these markets especially in their capital cities where new shopping malls have established and their retail market is growing, and many global brands have also marched into these markets. One of the most visible business is fast food chain stores that we have seen them starting to establish their outlets in these markets.

For regional sales and marketing manager, one of the key question for entering into South East Asia market especially for the last frontier is what's market they should go first? So, here is some of the desk research information that we can put together as a market snapshot for the fast food market potential for the CLMV market.

We put the presentation in SlideShare so that its easier for you to look at those slides and take information to use for your presentation.

The presentation compared the market situation, market potential, purchasing power, urbanisation, lifestyle, availability of raw food supply, competition and ease of doing business. Target countries are Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam or CLMV.

Check out the slides and let us know if there is any other analysis that would benefit your business.

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