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B2B Branding and Marketing Guide Book

Based on our experience working on B2B market research in Thailand, we often see companies promoting their brands by focusing on their strengths but fail to recognize how they truly create value for their customers.

A market leader may continue to develop their products, making them more and more expensive - but still failing to increase their market size. A small player may scale their product down too much and make it suitable only among niched customers.

So, we have created a guidebook to help develop marketing strategies, especially for B2B companies to create strong value propositions. Our guidebook is like a quick summary of the tasks you should go through when you have to rebrand your product or challenge a status quo to grow your business.

The guidebook contains 5 steps toward B2B branding and marketing as follows;

  1. Who is your target? - A check list of how to create a profile of your target customer base.

  2. What is the value? - A check list on customer experiences and an example of how to create a value statement.

  3. Where is the opportunity? - A guideline on how to discover where the market is underserved or overserved.

  4. How to position your business? - A simple framework on how to connect opportunities with value product features.

  5. What is the content? - A check list on how to communicate your value to customers.

This guidebook consolidates the information and will save you time if you are working on a new project, promoting a new business unit or a new product/service concept. We hope you find it useful. For more information please do not hesitate to contact our team to clarify any questions you may have.

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